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  1. Yes, that makes sense. Thanks a lot!
  2. Sorry for my ignorance but I find hard to see which line of code you mean that should be DOUBLE the drop chance. I thought it was this one if tool and mm:IsEntityWet(tool) and math.random() < easing.inSine(m:GetMoisture(), 0, 0.15, m.moistureclamp.max) But it is exactly the same as the original...
  3. Thanks a lot! I will try this as soon as I get back home from holidays!
  4. Thanks ultroman the tacoman! (love your mods by the way). I'm trying to make the rain a bit more unforgiving so that the Slippery chance is much higher than the default one. I will see if I manage somehow
  5. Hello everyone! I'm just trying to understand how to add a fire_marker (followsymbol) to a fire fx. Like when I have a Campfire and I want to add the flame effect. Like this inst.components.burnable:AddBurnFX("campfirefire", Vector3(-15,20,0), "fire_marker" ) How do I set the starting position of the marker? Do I add the marker on spriter? If so can anyone tell me how?
  6. Thanks a lot, I forgot to check that. I will try to fiddle with it. Hopefully is the right one. Not very good at this kind of gymnastics
  7. Thanks for the reply. I knew all of that, but when the tool or weapon in the hand slot becomes Slippery (after becoming wet) sometimes it will "drop" itself on the ground. It will literally slips out of the character's hand randomly. I just want to increase this random drop when the item is Slippery (wet)
  8. Hello everyone! Does anyone know where is the data located for the item drop chance when Slippery? I mean when a tool or weapon is wet and it slips out of character's hands. I just want to increase the drop chance of Slippery items. I checked some files but I can't find the data in any of them. Thanks
  9. Not very much helping but i love the idea of making the compass finally useful. Can't wait to play with your mod when it's done. Thanks for trying to make it.
  10. Ok i solved this. Added 3 line of codes in the locomotor. The volcano speed bug is gone.
  11. Hello everyone! Since i hate cheating, i feel that the bug causing super speed in the Volcano after approaching it with a fast boat should be gone. Is there anyone who can point me to how to write a function that reset the walking speed after entering the Volcano? I tried a function with: local function resetspeed(self) if GLOBAL.GetWorld():IsVolcano() then self.components.locomotor.runspeed=1 self.components.locomotor.walkspeed=1 end end How exactly am i supposed to do? Sorry i'm totally new at coding. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Help with propagator

    Never mind. I figured out. It was a missing function. Sorry for bothering. The topic can be deleted.
  13. Hi, Just need to know why this piece here is behaving strange. I want to modify the settings of fire spreading in standardcomponent. GLOBAL.MakeSmallPropagator = function (inst) inst:AddComponent("propagator") inst.components.propagator.acceptsheat = true inst.components.propagator:SetOnFlashPoint(DefaultIgniteFn) inst.components.propagator.flashpoint = 5 + math.random()*5 inst.components.propagator.decayrate = 1 inst.components.propagator.propagaterange = 3 inst.components.propagator.heatoutput = 8 inst.components.propagator.damagerange = 2 inst.components.propagator.damages = true return inst end Putting this in modmain works but only the last two inst (damagerange and the boolean damages) Any idea why? The fire will not spread at all. Thanks in advance i'm new to coding. Just trying to reversal engineering.