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Any way to transfer purchases from another account?

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Okay sooo, this is dumb I know. 

So a few weeks ago I deleted my klei accont. I have already contacted klei support with no reply so I’m just assuming my account is not getting unmarked for deletion. 

(I was having issues linking my twitch and klei accont and than once I had them linked I still wasn’t getting my twitch drops so I thought deleting and starting again would fix it, it most certainly did not, would advise never deleting your klei account ever!) 

okay, so now my thoughts are, how am I meant to get my purchases off of my old klei account onto my now newly made klei accont, man I purchased wartox and skins and so much unlocked and now is it just all gone? I’m so sad

this was on Xbox btw.

any thoughts? Ty.


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