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New Controller Right D-Pad problem

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Since todays update my current save is behaving a little strangely.

I always play using a gamepad and normally I can highlight food then press Right on the D-pad to eat it, along with equipping and unequipping highlight clothing/armour/weapons. I have tried disabling all mods but the problem still persists and I am currently playing as WX.

If I create a new world the D-pad works correctly again as normal.

I'm wondering if this problem is due to how Wormwood plants seeds in the ground with his new mechanic. While using Wormwood, pressing right on highlighted seeds in your inventory prompts you to plant them in the ground (followed by a button press to plant) instead of eating them. Eating the seed has now moved to Left D-pad instead of Right.

Could there be some sort of conflict with how other characters eat using Right D-pad? Left doesn't do anything with the other characters.

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  • Developer

This bug would have occurred any time you played with a controller on someone else's server, or your own server with caves enabled.

It has just been fixed in 341454.

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