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Hello everyone,

to start with this first I have read and watched multiple guides on how to set up a dedicated DST server however I'm not running it locally and not on a rented server (root/vps) I rented it from a company specialized in game server hosting called Nitrado.

My problem now is that while the server is up and running fine I want to customize it a little. 

1. huge world
2. longer autumn season 
3. use some mods

While they have a Wiki set up for DST and how to configure the server to use mods it doesn't work.

I see (in the server files) that the mods are installed but when I view my server in the server browser it says it has no mods.

Regarding settings 1. and 2. Like the wiki ( teaches I did set the variables for those options in a "worldgenoverride.lua" file which I then placed in the root directory of Nitrados installation, which didn't worked (support and their forum didn't helped me yet either).

So does anyone have some experience with them and can help me?

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Daniel86268    364

I never had a Nitrado server, so I have no idea if Nitrado messed up their servers so much, that the worldgenoverride.lua belongs into the root folder, or if it still belongs into the shard folder of the individual worlds like in the normal dedicated server.

Maybe it works if you put it there?

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