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Unable to connect to Master.

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I setup a multi server system on linux (Centos7). Both servers seem to connect to steam just fine however the caves shard is unable to connect to the master.  Wonder if anybody see's something i may have missed.  Files are .ini on the server not txt. 

no firewall is installed and SElinux was disabled in case it was creating a problem.









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Are you trying to run the dedicated server shards from different servers? Cause if you'd like to run them from the same machine, you could've just kept the default settings from the guide and it would've probably worked fine.

For example you are trying to run both servers on the same port (11000). DST is very forgiving when it comes to network stuff, and even often manages through blocked ports, but multiple DST servers can't handle running on the same port.

The easiest way is to go back to the given default files, start them up as they are and if they run just add your settings one by one and see when it stops working.

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