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Help compiling mods on Mac?

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Completely disregard my last thread as I kinda came across a solution for it, yet it isn't working. I tried to manually download the auto-compiler Klei provided as there isn't one in my Tools folder, yet the instructions weren't that clear and I couldn't figure out how to do it. This is the one thing that is stopping me from creating the player model, as I'm trying to make a custom model but don't want to draw it out yet if it means I lose all of the files trying to compile it together. I've spent about 11 hours trying to get the entire mod to work but it hasn't been working. I've had to keep restarting because of crash logs /because/ of the fail of auto-compile. Apparently DST can compile the mod together without any auto-compile but I haven't found this reliable as it doesn't seem to be working (been told to delete all/most of the files apart from the .png ones and that it will auto-compile itself, this is not working). Also know that it's possible to have someone with a Windows computer compile it for you, but I don't have access to a Windows computer. Spriter won't work on my Mac either, yet I've also been told that it isn't compulsory to have this, it's just there to see how the models look with all the pieces together. I've got as far as editing the .lua files and that's working perfectly fine, the game runs and everything with all the values changed, but I've left everything as 'esctemplate' instead of changing it to my character's name because I had troubles with that before. Is there a way to manually compile all of the textures together, or at least an alternative to auto-compiler that I could use for Mac (a step guide would probably help a lot aha). For reference I'm using the DST Player Model Template and have only changed my name, perks, voice and health/sanity/hunger and combat multiplier. I can provide more information if that's needed, ^ 


Linked image is what is inside my Mod Tools folder.

mod tools folder.png

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