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The First Time I Have Ever Starved to Death

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Now, before I start, I want to say that in no way is this a criticism. Despite me dying, I actually had a lot of fun doing it and, although I have never thought that the game was particularly poorly balanced, I now think that it is perfect. Now I'm basically just going to say what happened to me leading up to my death which involves a lot of the newly implemented features, so you can stop reading if you want. Of course, that went without saying. So basically it started with the first signs of Winter, with snow covering the ground. Because of this, I neglected to notice that I was walking in a small swamp, and got hit a couple of times by a friendly tentacle waving hello. So I now have a little less than half health, if I recall correctly. So next, I'm at my base and I hear the hounds coming, so I quickly strap on my log suit and prepare for battle (for some reason I forgot I had a tentacle spike so I was using a spear). Anyway, thanks to the new difficulty of the hounds it becomes clear that I'm not going to survive after I kill just one of them (maybe two, it was all a blur). So my only option is to take off. I should point out that at this point I have no farm plots or bee hives and beefaloes don't seem to exist. After a few tense moments, I see a wormhole and decide to jump in it. But the time it takes little Wilson to dive into the mouth is so long that I get bitten by the hound again, which puts me down to very low health (lets say 10). But, the hound eventually loses interest and I escape. So at this point I have low health and very low hunger with no food whatsoever and nothing around me. I manage to reach a savanna and collect a couple of morsels but then sunset comes and the rabbits flee. Also having to stay by a campfire means I can't go very far and going back to base isn't an option because the hounds will still be shacked up there. By this point, I've spent a couple of days away from home, and have managed to survive on some carrots that I have found, but I have been starving a lot and losing health, I think I came to maybe 2 health at one point.So in the end, I'm running to collect a carrot and some petals to eat and I must have strayed too close to home because a hound runs at me again. I run backt to my campfire to see it has nearly gone out, but I still haven't lost the hound so I have to run around a bit more. Also I am, of course, starving and losing health because of it. So I lose the hound, cook a carrot up, place it on my character because it wont fit in my inventory, but I accidentally drop the carrot on the floor instead of giving it Wilson. And that was that. I was dead.But those last two days were the most tense I have ever experienced playing Don't Starve and when I died I had a smile on my face. I was slightly mental at this point.TL;DR I starved because I dropped a carrot on the floor instead of feeding it to Wilson.

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I have to say, that's a pretty cool way to go. "Attacked by hounds while already at low health due to recent mistakes" seems to be pretty much the way to die in the current version. You probably could have clawed your way back up eventually if you'd kept a few meatballs on you at all times (unless you didn't have any rabbits either, which would be very unusual).

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