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Dedicated Server Modding Issues

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I've had a dedicated server going for a while but me and a couple steam friends wanted to have a forge match to celebrate beating the fuelweaver. However, whenever I boot up the server with the Forged Forge running it loads it up and before it enters the lobby it crashes.

Cause is prolly the 'not right gamemode' issue a bunch of people have had, but I've changed the gamemode to lavaarena, so I'm not sure why I'm getting this error.

Any help would be grand.

(PS ive disabled the ReturnOfThem, I can't even run hosted forge servers in there)



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Maybe you'd get more help asking on the Forged Forge Discord server instead of the Dedicated server forums, since it really sounds like a configuration/setup issue of this mod, and not the server itself.

(Someone else had the same issue as you described a while back, and I pointed him towards the Discord server as well, and never heard of this person's issue again, so I assume it went well.)

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