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Story Mode Ideas

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I have a few ideas on a story mode.

One: When you die in story mode, you go to hell with none of your gear (it will remain with your dead body). You have to get through hell just like any other map, by building a teleporter. The upside would be there would be no day in night since everything is on fire. The downsides would be, everything is tough in hell (demonic versions of normal monsters). Also, food will be hard to come by since most creatures will drop monter meat of possibly even a new kind of meat called "demonic meat".

Two: Every time you progress to a new world it becomes more difficult. The first world may start very easy with fewer spawn hates on hostiles etc. The further you progress the harder it becomes and the more actively Maxwell tries to stop you: sending creatures after you, setting traps, etc.

Three: The last world will be the most expansive map. It will be very difficult and a wall will block your progress to one side of the map. There will be supplies required to cross this wall. Once you cross the wall there will be a town. This will be where the characters are from possibly. The reason behind their exile will be revealed and there will be some form of progression towards a final show down with Maxwell.

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