Summer Days

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Are fine, summer nights however are a joke.

I understand the need to have more time doing things to prepare for winter now, but stop me if I sound crazy, I miss the old night length!

Right now a single un fueled campfire can last the entire night with a little timing.

A torch can burn half way through a single night.

The threat of nightfall was such a great experience when I started playing this game, now there is nothing to experience except a very short interlude, which with a torch you could very well ignore and keep on your merry way.

It is true winter nights are very long now, but It doesn't feel the same, as most of the time your always around your campfire anyway avoiding the cold. Even in winter there's nothing much special about the night as it feels like a normal part of the winter day, keeping warm around a fire.

Yes you can wear warm clothes and wander the tundra during daylight or evenings, but a lot of things just stop in the evening, like the birds and rabbits heading off to sleep. Unless you were purposely seeking out the walruses or deerclops, or perhaps just had a fondness of spiders, there's little reason to venture from your warm fire during the evenings, which makes the long nights feel like an extension of the evening.

I like winter and all, though like others I feel there could be some improvement's but that's for a whole other thread. I'm just saying the longer winter night doesn't really justify the near non existent summer night.

The old day and night cycle was in my opinion perfect, I propose the summer nights be extended to what they use to be while keeping the day the way it is now, or for summer days to be reverted back to the original system, all while keeping winters the way they are.

In exchange, to help give the player more time to prepare for the coming winter, perhaps winter should be pushed ahead 10 days, starting on day 30 instead of 20.

In conclusion, though many things have gotten harder, nights have gotten so much easier, almost as a feasibly ignorable mechanic.

Tl;Dr Summer nights are too short for their own good. Whine whine whine complain complain, Ect.

Amendment: Winter nights don't really make up for the lack of old summer nights, see long post above for reasons.

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