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Hamlet need some love.


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Well hello everyone in this forum :D.  I want to thank klei for all the effort they put in hamlet so Thanks klei for all your hardwork and thanks for giving me a free copy of this game(i got the dlc for free cause i was in the beta), however i still feel that hamlet needs a few more things, i know that the game already came out of early access so maybe these suggestions do not matter at this point but I'm going to do them anyway.

1.- First i think Werewilba needs some changes, you know right now she can not transform on a boat, we can argue that it is because boats are made of the same material as the amulet but... 



even when she gets off of the boat she doesn't transform into werepig, thats weird.    (give woodie some love for the sake of god) :wilson_facepalm:

2.- I think hamlet have a big problem that is the aporkalypse, during the beta there was a message that appears when you were about to make a new world, something like "are you sure you want to make a hamlet world keep in mind that this dlc is the hardest" but when you play the game you notice that the message was a lie, hamlet is not that hard and it is because in this dlc you can control over an entire season!! whad, yeah you can avoid completely the hardest season :drunk: it is as if you could completely avoid and control summer in RoG or volcanic eruptions in Shipwrecked and yeah i know that you can avoid partially these seasons but in hamlet is much easier so i propose this:

Instead of aporkalypse being another season or an event that only happens one time it could  be an event that happens randomly in the world, yeah in my opinion aporkalypse is not so good as a season cause it feels more like an event so i was thinking that the first aporkalypse can be as the aporkalypse is right now, it happen after two seasons cycles and you can totally avoid it with the calendar but when you use the calendar the first time to prevent or reverse the event then something unexpected happens ... the calendar goes crazy and becomes completely unusable (this could be because you know it is an ancient object so it doesn't work well) so you prevented or reversed the event once but the calendar is totally useless now and you can not avoid this event anymore, the calendar is not working well so from now on eclipses will begin to occur randomly in the world but instead of lasting 20 days as a season, these events can only last from 2 to 10 days, and maybe every 40 days or so the probability of an eclipse happening will increase. So there you go a new "event" not a season that can only occurs in hamlet and this event is the hardest one cause you can not avoid it, you can not control it, and you have to deal with it, however it does not last long.:victorious:

but for this to be a good idea the aporkalypse should be more exciting, you know something new that only happens in a specific biome in a specific season during the aporkalypse i was thinking about maybe during humid season in pig city, maybe during humid season masked pigs can appear more frequently and in greater quantity but when an eclipse occurs during this season masked pigs transform into a new mob "pigk the ripper" and they can drop something new and at least useful so during humid season can appear pigks the rippers in cities and maybe in the jungles glowfly cocoons don't hatch cause there is not enough heat due to the eclipse but instead of rabid beetles in jungles we have a new mob The Maxmeleon and this little animal loves the taste of glowfly cocoons but he doesn't show himself during normal season cause he hates sun bright so he only appers during eclipses at the jungle when is humid season. Another idea could be that instead of a normal fog we can have a more creepy pink or red fog that only shows during eclipses in humid season and this new fogs can have the new perk to drain your sanity really fast as well as the perk the normal fog have already of course.

In lush season we can have a new variants of colors in jungle and plants in general something like  you know "the wrath of the plants" cause during lush season sun is too important for all plants so when the sun is gone during an eclipse all plants become enraged maybe the claw palm trees become giant hands that can drop nightmate fuel and living logsif you are pro enough to chop them and  maybe instead of normal brambles we can have a new shadow or black variant of brambles that are more dificult to deal with and there could be too a new moob in jungles that only appers during an eclipse in lush season a shadow spore that only appears as a last breath of the jungle to be subject to being in its most fertile season without sunlight, all tuber trees can become a new variant too, a shadow bloming tuber tree.

Those are my ideas for making the ragnarok an interesting event and yeah a challenging event too. thanks for read.


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