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Returning Atmo Suit

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I have set 2 atmo suit docks, each with it's own checkpoint. Beacause having only one duce access this are was really ineffective. However, sometimes both decide to comeback through the same checkpoint, so the other one does not get a suit back, and I have to manually set it to "deliver suit" again.
Is there a way to auto handle this?
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I am so dumb... I figured this out seconds after posting...

In case anyone else is looking for the answer... You just need to put one checkpoint, and on the dock side, you can put as many suit docks as you need.


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If you end up having 2 exosuit dock entrances you can set them to "clearance vacancy" it will make dupe unable to pass if there is no room to store the suit. But yes making more docks is much easier.

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