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1. Garden Planter: an  I  shaped planter that can only be placed on Garden type flooring starts empty but you can plant things like berry bushes there are also different types for different plants such as Savannah for Grass. Having Windows in the room makes the plants grow faster, cheapest would be 15 oincs.

2. Beds: Beds would function like a tent cheap ones would be worse the cheapest one would be 45 oincs and 2 silk

3. Fireplaces: would function exactly like a Fire Pit cheapest would be 35 oincs.

4. Cabinets and Counters: Has 6 slots of storage (3 less than a chest) cheapest would be 5 oincs and 2 planks cabinets hang on walls.

5. Stove: an indoor Crock pot, must be connected to a wall cheapest is 40 oincs. With this crock pots may not be placed inside nor smelters for the same reason: Uses Fire

Thank you for reading this.

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