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Liquid pressure damage values (tested in Q3-327401; May 2019)

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As probably many others, I was curious how to build liquid storage safely - so I kept using formulas from post from 2017 - 15 tiles of water for granite, 5 for sandstone, etc.

Well, here's some new values - tested by simply making from each material tiny cross and filling the empty space in the middle with water at different weight/pressure. So:

Single Sedimentary rock and fossil tiles fail at >1300kg of clean/polluted water, BUT >1131kg for crude oil for example - it means water container 30 tiles high/6 average room sizes(floors) should be safe if there's no additional pressure exerted on fluid.

For double - >1599kg of water, >1390kg of crude oil

The rest is single tiled only:

Isoresin >1600kg water, >1392kg crude oil

Sandstone >1750kg water

Ingenous rock, Obsidian, Ceramic, Mafic rock - >2500kg water

Granite >3250kg water

Insulation >4000kg water

Window Tiles: Glass >2000kg water; Diamond >3500kg

Plastic Tile:Plastic >1400kg; 

Metal Tile: Copper >1800kg; Gold >1700kg; Iron >2000kg; Niobium >1800kg; Thermium >1800kg; Tungsten >1900kg; Steel >3000kg

Bunker tile: steel >21000kg

Manual and Mechanized airlocks, even from Gold, held steady at 100 000kg, BTW ^^

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