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Final talk of Maxwell and Wilson endgame (fiction)

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[   I just leave it here. For the hecks.  ]

End game, "Checkmate", days after.


"So, you came again", said Maxwell. "I suppose that you see now, there is no way out besides the one I told you about"

"Don't play your games with me, Max", said Wilson. "We've been over it more than once"

Maxwell chuckled. "You refused it several times back then, and chose to kill yourself and play again.
Still you are back here, in this place of eternity. Or something very close to it"

"I just want to know how to escape all of it. If you possibly know what I mean"

"Oh I do" said Maxwell. "Do me a favor, though - shut this grandmaphone up one more time. Its ******* annoying..."

Wilson did.

"Ahh, much better" said Maxwell with relief. "See, Bill... you might think I hate you. That's not true.
 After all the years in this chair, in this place I don't really have any resources left to hate anyone ...
 though I did once ... that doesn't matter anymore. "

"You might think I exploited you", he went on. "That's sort of true, ab initio. I just have to tell you one thing:
 you were not the first one. Remember all those skeletons scattered across the worlds? You are just the first one who
 actually made it through"

"I remember it quite well, you homicidal freak", Wilson snapped. "You kidnapped all those innocent seekers and
made them play your perverted game, only to have them killed. Maybe it's your way of treating everybody,
but I don't want to be a part of it nor a subject"

"Look, Bill", said Maxwell. "First things first, it was a decision of yours, and only yours to take this journey.
 No one made you go, neither them. They all, all of them were unhappy in their own way, otherwise they won't come.
 But this is not actually the matter. The matter is : you are here, and no one cares now about what you actually
 want or whatever you think you want. It only matters what you can do and whatever you cannot"

"I don't understand", said Wilson grimly. "Just how could you..?"

"Take my place on this chair, and you shall probably understand" replied Maxwell.

"No way!"

"Okay, Bill. Be it your way .. but lets consider what you can do. You can stay here as much as you want.
I don't mind sitting here and bull****ting with you, since this is still much better than it has been with
me for years. Care to play chess? I can summon enough clockwork pieces, you can line up a board"

"No thanks", Wilson said. "Besides I'm low on rations"

"West of here ... well, on my left .. there is a portal machine. It cannot bring you out, but I can make
it summon any 4 pieces of whatever you might need from the worlds you've passed through. I'd suggest you take
a spider egg, a bird, some twigs and a walking cane. With this sort of setup you shall have enough food,
medication, fertilizers, and a nearly indestructible tool to kill for that. Is that enough? There is also
free grass, some berries and as you can see, the trees can grow in here as well, somehow"

"Now you suggest a miserable existence like your own, don't you?"

"You are under evaluating the society, Bill. We two can talk. We can play chess and other games.
Come on, tell me honestly, who was the last person you actually talked to? A pig man with a freaky
name like "God-zilla"? A frog? A deerclop?"

"Talking in the dark ... nice perspective."

"There are no dogs coming every several days, no weather, no dangers, no ******* economy or politics
and an understandable company - the things you've ever been looking for all you life, huh? I'd rather
play blues for you, but my hands are chained. Care to listen to me singing?"

"**** you, Max"

"There is no one here besides me and you, if you really mean it. The Chester is up to the upper left corner
but he doesn't count as a sexual partner, eh? Then again, who knows you, Bill"

"**** YOU!"


<< Many weeks later >>


"So what do you suggest me to do?" said Wilson

"Not much. Put the key in the hole and take my place ... for a while."

"I'm certain I shall go nuts if I do"

"You are cracking, Bill. Right now. Despite the fact that you eat, you sleep, we talk and play games.
I would have said - look at yourself- but there are no mirrors here."


"Besides, this chair does not only sustain one's life, it also keeps the sanity of the seater at an acceptable level"

"How about you just tell me what to do, and I just go there and then come back to free you"

"Only way out of here is to die. If you die or kill yourself right where you are, you start the game anew.
The only way to break the circle is to die in this chair."

"So you want to die?"

"Not now, Bill. Not now. Many times I wanted to die, but I was not able to do it. This time,
though, I believe I can make it and even possibly mend whatever can be. I just need you to hold this place. For a while."

"And for how long this "while" is gonna last? Weeks, months, years, centuries?"

"I'd say - weeks, but it doesn't depend on my wishes. I only suppose I can figure it out soon enough.
Of course, there is a possibility that I get killed in that quest"

"And then - what?"

"Then you stay here and wait for another reckless adventurer to come by"

"You know, Max, I don't really want to end my life like this"

"So what's your idea about ending your life, anyway? Oh I know, staying in a bed on your back,
 many pillows, unable to move, with all sorts of relatives around you .. pretending they care if you live or die ...
 Is that your idea of a happy life ending?"

"Maybe so. But it's you who denies me that"

"Not me, Bill. The powers that hold me here are also the ones which hold you.
Just tell me hoestly, which one of us is more qualified to deal with all these powers for a
better chance of getting free? Me, or you?"

"I've been surviving long enough.."

"The key word is "surviving". Is it your idea of life, anyway?"

"You perfectly know that I live for knowledge and science. That's how you had lulled me into this"

"So would you like to learn even more? Or stay here until you grow old, become sad and insane, and eventually - dead?"

"**** .. the thing that I really hate about you, Max, is that you can make even the craziest thing sound sort of ... nice alternative"

"So are you up to the plan?"

"I dunno, Max, I just dunno..."


<< Months later >>


"Okay, Max, is there anything else I shall know of?"

"Not much, Bill. Like I told you before, the music shall make you crazy but after a while you get used to it...
though you shall never stop to hate it. Also, when you meditate like I told you, you shall get more knowledge about the things.
It won't help you, but you shall be able to help other knowledge seekers"

"******* great ... I'm gonna spend the rest of my life dragging people in and watching them die ... "

"You survived. And you are doing this right now for the hope to live a whole rest of your life like someone,
not like a miserable creature like those pig men. Why do you deny other people the possibility that you had willingly grabbed upon?"

"I see what you are pointing at ... Life is not a mere existence, not a "stasis"... it is a road that a person has to take.
Sitting in the middle of nowhere, like those pig men in their villages, isn't actually the way to evolve ..
to progress. Danger and opportunity ever come along. But you know what?"

"What, Bill?"

"If you don't come for me after all this ****, and I manage somehow to get out, I shall come after you.
 And I shall kill you, and your family if you have it by then, and all you relatives and anyone who ever
 had anything with you .. And your ******* possible kids as well, mind it"

"Fair enough, Bill. Just put the ******* key in the whole."

"Well, see you then, Max. This way or the other"

<< whammm >>

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