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So during Aporkalypse the hulk pieces will activate until the event ends, which would cause some people including me to assume that during Aporkalypse the iron hulk(completed) would do something special, but it doesn't, so I came up with an idea.

So just before or during the Aporkalypse the hulk pieces could activate and try to fuse, you could stop them by mining or fighting them which would deactivate them for a bit, but if you let them fuse the hulk will become like bearger in dst and start roaming the map randomly teleporting to the player or other places.


Things that could happen when the hulk is active.

-random basalt eruption walls with landmines around them

-hulk teleports to player(has a higher chance if a heralds, excess amount of bats or mants are around)

-hulk could be found charging in painted biome(higher chance at low health lightning could heal it, and all lightning will strike it so you would be able to tell if its recharging)

-hulk just roaming

-actually fights heralds

-wont target the player unless its the only possible target or attacked

-will focus shadow creatures and heralds.


its a little much to ask since hamlets coming out soon but I thought I would throw the suggestion out there just in case. 


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