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Automation "fill state" output (and input?) on Reservoirs wanted

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  Gas and liquid reservoirs would be much more useful if they had an indicator that they were full.  you could use this to close a valve or shut off a pump, or use similar to perform the most complex of actions.

  I tried several options to do this externally, and none seem to work.  Currently, I overfill and dump wasted resources to the side.

  An expansion of this suggestion would be to have 3 outputs ports: Empty, half, full.

Another expansion would to also have an input port, with an integrated valve that shuts off reservoir input (and output?) when the input is on.  This way there is less change to tank behavior "in the wild"; the tank behaves the same after upgrade unless input was coincidentally crossed by automation.

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I was just watching someone putting together a contraption with the Gas Reservoir and it would've been much simpler with an automation interface.  I imagine that it could work essentially as a Smart Battery does but for gas - likewise for a Liquid Reservoir.

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