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Mod Upload Error (Eresult15)

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I'm trying to upload a character mod. It runs fine and everything I just need to upload it so my friends can download it.

The ModUploader.log shows:

05:51:06: FinalizePublish()
05:51:06: Setting 1 tags...
05:51:06:    version:
05:51:06: Progress: Publishing...
05:51:07: OnPublishWorkshopFileResult 
05:51:07:    EResult 15. ffffffffffffffff
05:51:07: EndProgress FAILED: Error publishing mod!


Everything else the Eresult was 1 which means OK.

EResult 15 means Access Denied....but I'm not sure what that means and not sure how to solve it. 

Could someone please help?

Thank you.

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This might be caused by several things. I've seen it caused by erroneous XML references for textures, server connection issues and Steam account complications. Try rebooting your computer or restarting Steam.

If that doesn't help, please attach your full Mod Tools log where this happened. Also, try creating a server running your mod, and send me the log files (client and server, and remember to let the server run at least one clock segment, to ensure that the logs are generated). If you don't know where the logs are, check out the debugging chapter of my newcomer post.


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