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[Game Update] - 1123

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Update 1.1.23

- Willow is now immune to fire damage.
- Willow is now more easily frozen (e.g. by Ice Staves or Deerclops).
- Willow no longer gets cold from low sanity.
- Winter gear is slightly less effective at keeping Willow warm.
- Willow takes more damage and loses sanity at freezing temperatures.
- Willow takes longer to overheat and less damage when overheated.
- Willow takes no burn damage while extinguishing smoldering fires and does it faster than others.
- Adding fuel to fires is 50% more effective.
- Bernie can now be equipped by Willow for sanity and warmth at the cost of durability.
- Bernie grows big and will taunt and fight most hostile creatures when Willow is nearby and insane.
- Bernie will still taunt Shadow Creatures when any other player is nearby and insane.
- In addition, Willow still gains sanity near fire and can still cook with her Lighter.
- Fixed a crash in the Shop screen when there is nothing to purchase.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the game to hang when starting a server.
- Fixed a bug where the game could get into an infinite loading loop if the xbox language region was set to Spanish(Mexico).

**Known Issue** Currently the flame and smoke on the Cursed Sterling Lighter does not render correctly. We have a fix incoming in the next update later this week.

For more details about the Willow character update, see our post here: 


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