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[Sugestion] Disease complications system

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I love QOL3 patch, but had few thoughts about Disease system.
IMHO, it would be cool to have:

  1. "Disease hardcorness" option - to help newcommers (could tune chances to get ill, turn off more severe conditions)
  2. Diseases complications. Mild first stages, but deadly if ignored. E.g.:
    • Hypothermia -> URTI (Upper respiratory tract infection) ->  Pneumonia -> death
    • Heat cramps -> Heat Exhaustion -> Heatstroke (loss of consciousness) -> death
    • Etc.
  3. Less options to prevent completely. Right now env-suit magically solves eveything. Would love to have to set different jobs, provide vacations for important dupes, build env-suits that protect only from part of effects, e.g.: one is good for temperature and pressure, other for biohazards, etc.
  4. More options to do something. Right now I can either cure dupe instantly and fully or just wait. 
    I would love to get options what to use. E.g. Pneumonia could be triggered by its own meter like "respiratory tract infection" that goes from 0 to 500. Bad working condition would cause like +10 rise. But if it gets to URTI - it would replicate on its own +15/+20/+25. And apothecary could have many recipes for different resources - cheap with -10 effect, better with -20 or -50 effect, -15 but for many diseases, -100 but +30 to other diseas meter. Common immunity could grant stable -5/-10/-15 reduction from all diseases meters (and there could be a med that just restores immunity). 
    (P.S. all numbers are just to get example how it could work)
  5. More stages to suffocation. Instead of instant death, there could be two extra states:
    1. suffocated, but would be ok if brought to oxygen quickly, any dupe could help
    2. suffocated for a longer time, but could be reanimated by trained medic
      It would give another reason to train medics early and allow more dangerous options later, like cave-ins in some bioms.
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Nice ideas. I wish hypothermia and heat stroke would be more deadly. First of all they should last until the dupe temperature normalises. Then if it is untreated for too long it should cause damage to the dupe. The dupe would have to stay on the triage cot until his temperature gets normal.

Exo suits should maybe be more costly or require materials from further biomes so it`s not as easy to just prevent every problem with them.

I like the suffocation idea. Like being able to carry an uncounsious dupe (like incapacitated ones) and bring him back to life if done fast enough.

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I'd like to see a whole bunch of health issues that could be caused if one simple solution is used instead of all the systems the game proviedes. E.g:

  • food variety health issues (e.g. scurvy). 
    • Dupe can have parameter for some vitamins and microelements, base value would be enough to get through initial poor rations.
    • Basic food replenishes only calories, or some vitamines but not enough/not all
    • Too low/too high values = debuffs (like irl scurvy). Death if gone out of livable range.
    • Each dupe can use, for example (10 + 1%) vitamines. So if dupe starts with 1000 of some vitamine X:
      • +15 vitamine/day diet would stabilize it around 500
      • +25 vitamine/day diet would stabilize it around 1500
      • +80 vitamine/day diet would stabilize it around 7000
      • Thresholds could be like: 
        • 0 / 5000 - dead
        • 1000 - mild deficit, minor debuff; 500 - severe deficit, strong debuff, alert
        • 4000 - minor hypervitaminosis, 4500 - sever hypervitaminosis, alert, 5000 - death
      • So optimal consumption is about +35/day, +20 to + 50 are ok, +10 to +60 are livable, but extremes would cause issues. Some jobs/working conditions could demand diet richer in some vitamins, so special diets would be useful.
    • Vitamin levels could take part in calculating chances to get some diseases. So, for example, it could be benefitial to provide diet rich in vitamin Z for miners or astronauts.
    • Some meds could provide a range of effects: instant + or - to some vitamine value, prolonged effect, increased/reduced percent used (like 1% -> 3% for few cycles)
    • Some other diseases could affect these parameters. Would be insanely cool - on their own its no big deal, but for malnourished dupe it could be deadly
    • Of course to manage such complexity, i think extra systems would be useful, like:
      • jobs - not one about morale and skills, but one that will allow to manage permissions/settings (food, door access, priorities) not for single dupe, but whole groups
      • diets - would allow to set a balanced set of meals. Right now there is always a best food - one with highest morale bonus that is not forbidden for dupe.
  • Air condition effects except suffocation. Saw this idea posted somewhere already about chlorine/poluted oxygen. I would like to afraid even of minor pockets of bad air in main base, so air locks / pumps / filters would be more important. Definetely would need more ways to deal with it before env-suits (e.g.: basic protective wear, less power consumption for ventilation tech).
  • Temperature effects - already mentioned.
  • Light being more important?
  • Schedule related issues. Sleep deprivation / not enough rest?

I also looked at your posts before doing mine (to check maybe it was already posted), really like your ideas too.

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