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Trouble loading into dedicated server

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Hi there, I'm having trouble loading into servers. Every server I log into results in the biomes incorrectly loading or displaying incorrectly. For example the picture below is showing ocean for me and will not let me access it but for other players in the game it has loaded correctly. Any help would be appreciated 

Don't Starve.jpg

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Thanks for responding, I was looking at a similar thread (

And followed the suggestions there, now I'm being met with a black biome after running as administrator (I've reinstalled and verified game files). 
I'm not sure about you one you posted though as I'm not playing forge maps? Just regular ones if that makes a difference?

dont starve 2.jpg

Sorry to clarify I think I've fixed it. alongside running as admin, I followed the steps laid out here (for a different issue, but linked in the above thread I mentioned)

Thanks for the help anyway.

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@GhandiMangler The link I posted generally has the same symptoms you were experiencing (each player is seeing the world differently). Just happens to be an issue reported during the first iteration of The Forge Event back then.

It seems to be an after effect of the host's game not having access to save location so there is errors when the world loads (for different players host and clients).

Thanks for reporting back what fixed it for you. Cheers.

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