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So what i was thinking and somebody else has probably already had this idea, is to have random past events. So the idea would be that as long as you have events set to default you could have past events popup after surviving the first year(ingame year). So your second spring could have a say 5 to 10 percent chance of spawning one of the past "Year of the" events, autumn could spawn the "Hallowed Nights", and winter the "Winters Feast" event obviously. This feature would also need to be disabled during the actual events.

Reason being that the items, structures, and other features of those events are completely locked away once the events have passed and you create a new world. And seeing as we are likely gonna have to create new worlds with the upcoming update, i hate to see all of that stuff that use worked so hard on just disappear from the game. And though you can choose those specific events when starting a server, you are punished drastically for that choice, being not only locked in that event but also being banned from any future events as well.

Also as a side note i'm a console only player, PC may have the ability to turn events on and off(i don't know) but on the console we have a lot more limits on how we can set up our worlds. I would love to have a server where if i play it long enough i can actually have all the event specific items/shrines built or made in one world, even to be able to acquire festive lights more then once in an actual year, which would be amazing as we don't have access to any of the permanent light type mods i always see on streams. 

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