Adding basic mods as in-game option for Don't Starve Switch Edition

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Hey guys! Particularly anyone at Klei who might even glance at this. I apologize if this has been addressed before at some capacity.


I was wondering if the wonderful people at Klei have ever considered implementing certain common and basic mods as in-game options. Most relevant of all in my head is the backpack mod; perhaps even some adjustable stacks. I'm quite sure I have spent almost the entirety of my time on PC with the backpack mod, dabbling lightly with others from time to time finding the original game being more than enough. Yet, some simple changes made my experience so much better, and I want to have that on the go as well.

While I've still played and had to adapt without it, and love the game regardless. It never hurts to ask though. Ill be with you through thick and thin Klei. Game after game. DLC after DLC.




Mistakenly submitted here, wrong part of forum apologies

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Well I have to wait for my tutorial to be approved (which it probably won't) but if you have a hackable switch it's very much possible.

I'll leave a copy of the tut in case you're interested.



Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. I'm not responsible for console bans or anything else that might happen. This tutorial involves using custom firmware which is NOT supported by Nintendo, against Nintendo ToS, and WILL get your console permanently banned if you go online after booting CFW. you have been warned. 

Requirements: A hackable Nintendo Switch, SD card, Windows PC (other methods of launching hekate work ofc), an RCM jig, and a brain.

Contents: BpAm Mod (vanilla+RoG+SW), Infinite Things (+ kinda RoG, Needs nerfed. Inf fire vanilla), Don't farm (vanilla), LGA doesn't break at 0% (vanilla), Autocatch Boomerang (vanilla+RoG+SW), Unbreakable Walls (vanilla+RoG), and last but not least a working version of my telestaff+ mod! (for RoG only at the moment i believe.) :) (assume the mods are for vanilla unless stated otherwise. Disclaimer: SW DLC not tested, Vanilla and RoG tested.)

1. Place contents of (the folder containing prefabs.xml) to /atmosphere/titles/0100751007ADA000. (skip to step 2 if you can already boot a cfw with layeredfs)

1b. Follow the guide here to hack your switch.

2. Boot with LayeredFS then boot Don't starve. Enjoy extra equip slots.

3. Profit?


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