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The nuclear power mod clashed with the new diseases

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Hey, exciting world had a  nuclear power mod with radioactivity until qol3.

Now its only a heat generating plate - rather lame i think.

It contained a fuel cell and radioactivity as disease aswell fallout elements.

The idea was: generate power but not easy, an overheating reactor should lead to fukushima and even without accidents the reactor should spread radioactivity.

If the reaction in the reactor gets out of control it can heat up rather quickly and the heat would intensify if uncontrolled because the heat generation depends on the amount of radioactivity around and the radioactivity on the heat generation ( i managed to simulate this already) i used mercury to kill radioactivity.


First problem: Radioactivity

The original code was from trevice and fixing it will likely  be rather hard.

The idea is the more radioactivity a dupe has the weaker and slower he gets and at some point even die and it takes a long time till the radioactivity is out.

I did not look into the disease system but it looks very much like its only ill or healthy whats about a little sick?


Second problem: Severe Accidents

I want a meltdown to create a credible thread to the whole colony.

Right now i see some problems in realizing:

There are no explosions - in a nuclear power reactor the fuel cells give off hydrogen which eventually will explode taking off the reactor containment.

Some materials are impossible to melt, so how can you make a substance that is so dangerous if it can be fully contained infinitely with very little effort. There is a limit of 10000 degree nothing in the game can get hotter.

Same for diseases: radioactivity would need to spread outside of the reactor.


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