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Platapine quill and hippopotamoose antler should be tradable

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I think platapine quill and hippo antler should atleast be tradeable to the hunter pig. I usually pick up a lot of lotus flowers for trading and as a result platapines usually spawn, they are easy to kill and drop lots of platapine quills, they've got only one use and that is to craft the bird whistle that you only craft if you're either rushing to get to the BFB island (w/c i think most people use it for) or renewing dung piles or using the bfb for other purposes (e.g. chopping trees). The point is, I don't usually need to craft a lot of bird whistle which could cause me to have this huge number of quills just piling up in my chests, and i've got nothing else to use it for. same thing goes for the hippo antler w/c could eat a lot of space in your inventory or chest since it doesn't stack. I think they should be tradable to the hunter pig once per day with a cost of 3 or 5 oincs for platapine quill and 10 oincs for the hippo antler.

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