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Why they cant take garbage?

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Not sure what the “garbage” is. “Garbage” isn’t really a concept in Oxygen Not Included. In the video clip it looks like it might be some minerals leftover from mining?

Generally speaking, Dupes won’t pick something up to store it unless there’s space for it. Note that Phosphorite, while it looks like a raw mineral like sandstone, is under the “agriculture” tab. Also, picking stuff up is a pretty low priority task. Even when you designate one or more dupelicants as having “supply” missions as high priority tasks. Dupes will tend to leave stuff lying around until they’ve got nothing else to do.

If they’re dropping something, anything, it’s because they got interrupted for some reason. For example, if they’re carrying something and their break starts, they’ll drop whatever they’re carrying and go eat dinner. Running out of oxygen’s another way they get interrupted.

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