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A Few Quick Thoughts

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1. It appears you can research (at least some) items without actually building them by clicking to build it, then canceling. This unlocks it without actually spending research points. [actually on further research it just takes your material]2. I feel the night is far to short during summer. [Having played through winter. I still feel this way]3. I'm still not sure how I feel about camping. I generally try to explore the entire map by day 20-25 this means I'm constantly on the move. I prefer this style of game play, though I haven't had tried it yet with the new update. I'm about to enter into world 2 with new update so we'll see. However, if the devs wanted to make camping out there would be an interesting way to do so: make any man made structures attract a new form of enemy creature which comes in greater and greater numbers as time goes on. This could be set to happen only when the player is in proximity to man made structures (in other words it would require both player and man made structure together for bad things to happen) or it could just happen to all structures regardless of player proximity (in other words the player could leave for a week or so and return to find his base infested). Really any form of 'location penalty' would prevent camping and base building. This is just one suggestion. Another would be a new form of enemy creature - say a bird type - that would begin to circle over the player's head when he stayed in the same area. The longer he stayed the more the bird type would circle until they reached a certain number and then they would begin to attack more and more aggressively. The birds would slowly dissipate when a player left the area.[Even in winter I have found bases unnecessary. A small base with a chest and a freezer is nice but that's about it. I carry a lot of stone and have stone fire pits scattered around the map. I feel the game is far more interesting this way and would definitely be in favor of a location penalty (i.e. any penalty that would attach to a player who stayed in one place to long - I'm partial to attacking birds that build up over time in one place and then dissipate over time away.]

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