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"Oops! There was an error loading..."

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Crowfood    0

This occurred just at the start of day 4, the first mission where you play with Monst3r. Instead of the level generating, this shows up. Neither clicking Continue or Regenerate Level helps.

I Hate to lose such a good run, and  am hesitant to play more if this is going to happen again randomly.

Thinking about it, I wonder if this is why: I started the game with Monst3r as one of my two agents, but he got captured at some point. Maybe if he's in a detention center and it tries to summon him to this mission there is a problem?


invisinc error.png

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Hekateras    440

Hi Crowfood.

You're not the first to encounter this bug, unfortunately. Yes, starting with Monst3r and losing him later breaks the midway DLC mission for good and that's almost certainly what happened here. : I don't think there's a fix for it either.

This does not happen randomly, but yeah, there a few vanilla bugs. Funnily enough, most of them Monst3r... (Hot tip: make sure his inventory isn't full when he finishes hacking the console in the final mission!) The game is mostly quite stable (the 'regenerate level' failsafe takes care of most errors, and even those happen rarely), I never even personally encountered any bugs in several hundred hours of vanilla gameplay.

By the way: this forum is kind of dead. You should join the Discord instead.

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