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everyone knows that when a pack of hounds come after you they will eay any meat in sight right? well i think you should be able to bait them by putting poison on the meat and only on meat. this poison will be maid out of bee stingers and raw monster meat. this will only poison food itself and it will only kill whatever eats it except if the player eats it, it will do 100 damage and you will lose 20 sanity

- - - Updated - - -

i meant they will eat any meat in sight

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I like the idea from the bees poison with the meat,but i don't like the needn't traps if the poisoned meat works like that,i think that maybe slower the speed of the hounds,take off slow part of hounds health without kill it or both..being usefull have it in emergency to avoid the hounds or kill it faster..if hounds can run faster than you that be interesting..

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