Four more swords, and two hounds.

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I had an idea for four more swordsShishkebab-100%, 125 damage, lights enemies on fireCrafted with a Red Gem, 7 gold, 4hound teeth, and 3 silk(easier grip on the hilt)Icicle- 1 blue gem, 7 gold, 4 hound teeth, and 3 silk.100 swings from full condition, 125 damage, freezes.Blackthorne-100%, 125 damage, and poisons.1 Green Gem, plus everything else.The Spark-100%, 125 damage, and if there's ever a stun effect, stun for 5 secs.1 yellow gem, plus everything elseNow how to find the gems:Green Gem, from skeletal hounds spawning from dug graves.Yellow Gem, VERY rare drop from bees.

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