Character Suggestion: Wilfred(or Quasimodo)

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Wilfred, the werehound"I do NOT lose control and- *snap* BARK!"100 health (200 when transformed, 70 after)115 hunger (225 when transformed, 70 after)100 sanity (70 when transformed, 40 the day after)Pros:+Turns into a Werehound at a full moon+Night vision+Deals more damage, equal to Wolfgang+Less sanity lost when near a Night Light+Able to stay warm as a werehound+able to fistfight, equal to spear damage+Monster meat and lasagna heals instead of harms during a werehound state.+able to punch down trees, and Kenshiro-punch bouldersCons:-you'll barely have a grip on sanity-sanity drains slower-Cannot use tools, weapons, armor, and vests- Armor breaks during transformation, and weapons are dropped.-you'll need 4 days to recover- see stat chart.-Werepigs will hunt youI was going to call this character Quasimodo, but that would probably be some sort of heresy, considering the rest of the names start with W.-"Keep calm, and drink tea.":wilsoncj:+1

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