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I should have imagine......use mod at ur own risk


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Hallo.I ve been using the backpack slot mod for some day .Finding very useful but tonight,when i come to play and launched my saved game(day1-90)it crashed.After some moments of panic I ve copied the backup of the original data to the one found in the mod.Now suddenly i can play again my saved game but seem I ve lost the new update files.After the crash and prior the backup of the old data I ve seen some new options to create a new sandbox game.But now they are not there anymore.Any chance i can download the last update,trying to install the back pack mod and continue playing to where I m,or i ve completely lost the update files?Sorry for my bad english but i need help.I ve tried to restart the steam client but it don t update anymore my game.What can i do?I know it s my fault ,i should have not used the mod, but can i have the new update in some other way or i must wait the next 14 days?P.s. I m not sure this was the right place to start this threadGreetings from ItalyDaniele B.

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Well you knew the update was coming so you what you should have done is back-up your files and remove the mod before the update and check the creator's thread to see when the mod will be updated. I'd just uninstall the game and then do a re-install. If you still have the back up of a proper save you can then use that one. That way you won't lose too much progress hopefully.

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