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Really struggling with dedicated server mods

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I'm trying to add some mods to a dedicated server but i just can't seem to get it to work, whether it's the wrong directory, or i typed something wrong or I just missed something entirely, been looking around a lot but can't seem to find something that resolves my problem, i'm going to post the two files that i have created/edited for the server and maybe somebody can help me out and point out what i did wrong/missed out. I have seen that the mods have actually been downloaded onto the server but it doesn't seem like they are enabled 


Dontstarve > Mods > dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua



ServerModSetup("1337321458")  --Cluster Plant. Reborn!
ServerModSetup("347079953")  --Display Food Values
ServerModSetup("356398534")  --DST PickyPickyPicky
ServerModSetup("375850593")  --Extra Equip Slots
ServerModSetup("439115156")  --[DST] Musha
ServerModSetup("484042273")  --Wyvard the Cold-Blooded Cavalier
ServerModSetup("1153998909")  --More Armor
ServerModSetup("1166220990")  --Nanachi
ServerModSetup("1207269058")  --Simple Health Bar DST
ServerModSetup("365119238")  --Smarter Crock Pot
ServerModSetup("378160973")  --Global Positions
ServerModSetup("374550642")  --Increased Stack size
ServerModSetup("1248465483")  --Make Trees Great(er) Again!


Dontstarve > Storage > Config > Cluster_1 > Master > modoverrides.lua


return {
    ["workshop-1337321458"] = { enabled = true}, --Cluster Plant. Reborn!
    ["workshop-347079953"] = { enabled = true}, --Display Food Values
    ["workshop-356398534"] = { enabled = true}, --DST PickyPickyPicky
    ["workshop-375850593"] = { enabled = true}, --Extra Equip Slots
    ["workshop-439115156"] = { enabled = true}, --[DST] Musha
    ["workshop-484042273"] = { enabled = true}, --Wyvard the Cold-Blooded Cavalier
    ["workshop-1153998909"] = { enabled = true}, --More Armor
    ["workshop-1166220990"] = { enabled = true}, --Nanachi
    ["workshop-1207269058"] = { enabled = true}, --Simple Health Bar DST
    ["workshop-365119238"] = { enabled = true}, --Smarter Crock Pot
    ["workshop-378160973"] = { enabled = true}, --Global Positions
    ["workshop-374550642"] = { enabled = true}, --Increased Stack size
    ["workshop-1248465483"] = { enabled = true} --Make Trees Great(er) Again!

I'm not experienced in coding at all and this is the first time i've ever touched it so there must be something i've missed out and I would appreciate any help.


Thanks in advance.

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Daniel86268    401

The configs you posted are correct.
I assume the problem you might've run into is that a path configured in the launch script is not the same as where the modoverrides.lua is.

Can you check your startup log and your launch script as well, or post it here, so I can help you track down your issue?

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