This needs multiplayer adventure mode

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My favourite thing about single player DS was adventure mode, once you had the sandbox down you could move worlds into a series of challenges from darkness to eternal winter and finally take on maxwell himself.

It wouldj’t Be that tough to implement, but man it would be amazing addition to the coop. Me and my friends would love a world hopping adventure to take down the final boss and effectively win dst.

And Keli has come a long way, imagine the worlds they could make. Sentient beefalos that live in villages and act like pigs, world specific giants, weird happy or twisted horror versions of everything we’ve seen already... or hey, give us the old classics and let us take down the creature in the dark once and for all.

I’d like a goal, new challenges, weird takes on the world, and instead of just living for hundreds of days and starting a new world, i’d like to actually not starve and see credits roll, just once.

and bring back Bigfoot, even if we can’t summon him with a flute anymore (A rare single use flute would be awesome though) maybe we can take him down as a giant... or hell, make him a walking world to explore! 

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