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Limit flytrap numbers and have player dig out Flytrap Stalk

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Charsis    96

Flytraps can overpopulate and underpopulate. Would be nice if you made some way so they don't go extinct and don't eat meat or something when there are certain number of total fully and partially grown flytraps. They can migrate too far out from jungle as well, so would be nice if they retreated back into jungle, or near their spawn point too.

And it's really annoying when flytrap seeedling eat up the stalk, so would be nice if you had to dig up the dead grown flytrap after you kill it to get the stalk, like pugalisk skull when it dies, and may be if player doesn't dig it up, it regrow back into stalk in time?

P.S. pls make pog and peagawk respawn too? Pogs kill peagawks, many things kill them, and pogs themselves go attack a lot of things. Cork barrel become less useful after all pogs are dead really. I know everyone hates pogs, but they are there for exactly that reason, right?

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