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Higher priority and better handling for collecting incapacitated dupes

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I unwisely built a ladder next to a copper volcano and dupes collecting the copper or just passing through were being incapacitated by heat stroke/scalding by the 200degC heat.

The problem was the incapacitated dupes were in mortal danger (the air was both scalding and unbreathable) yet dupes would regularly run right past the incapacitated dupe to do pointless errands like collecting rotten pincha nuts. This led to a chain-reaction where 4 dupes died in quick succession because they were milling around the volcano doing low-priority tasks until they succumbed to heat while dupes right next to them were already dying and needed urgent rescue.

What should have happened is getting the dying dupes to a medbed (or at very least to a habitable area) should have been the top errand for all nearby dupes. The game knew they were dying because they had the 'dying' status so the issue seems to be that rescuing incapacitated/dying dupes isn't prioritized above other tasks.

The fix here would be to make rescues a special type of errand that always overrides other dupe/colony priorities.

There were also other issues around this such as dupes who were already wounded trying to do the pickup. Since they were both wounded AND slow (-9 athletic) they would only get a meter up the ladder with the incapacitated dupe before becoming incapacitated themselves. There were plenty of healthy dupes nearby who should have done the pickup errand.

Since we're on the subject it would also be nice if the concept of rescues extended to helping stuck dupes by completing dig and build errands that would allow the dupe to get unstuck. I guess you would have to define "stuck" in technical terms so that might be something like checking if the dupe can reach the portal or their cot and if not checking whether the completion of dig/build tasks near the dupe would create a viable return path. This is a pretty complex problem to solve though so I'm more interested in the rescue behavior for wounded dupes.

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