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  1. A dupe was incapacitated by heat stroke near a copper volcano. Another dupe came to carry him to a medbed but after retrieving him got stuck at the top of a ladder near the pickup location. I looked at the dupes pathing line and it was going all over the place. The game displayed a "You need to restart game" message. Some possible factors may be: The only paths to the medbed were via a manual airlock that I was changing the rules on. It's possible the dupe being carried was denied passage through the door even though being carried. The dupe doing the pickup hadn't travelled far with the body and was also at risk of incapacitation due to heatstroke from the volcano, it's possible the dupe doing the carry was also incapacitated (though normally they just drop the body) I had declared an emergency priority on the medbed (so there was a state of emergency in progress) I had changed the assigned user of the medbed