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  1. Thanks Lacost. I don't disagree with your reasoning but this seems like a bug to me. I'm only 10 cycles in so restarting is fine but I'm really hoping Klei will rebalance allergies. To be honest I suspect this is a bug and "The Spores" is supposed to be a late-game disease. As it stands it's a game-breaking issue because you can't expect new players to be aware of this. You can't say "here's a dupe with allergies' and expect players to understand that dupe is completely useless. A whole lot of effort was put into making sure the starting biome is "safe-ish". It's nearly impossible to die unless you dump a bunch of sand on your dupes. This change makes the starting biome deadly to a particular class of dupe.
  2. Thank you both. Makes sense. My current affected dupe has allergies, the others may have since I haven't excluded allergies in my dupes. It seems like allergies are not well balanced. I can accept the sneezing but "The Spores", apart from being confusing, is completely unbalanced. It's pretty unrealistic to expect a dupe to avoid bristle blossoms and the penalty of 50% morale loss - per cycle - is ridiculous. I've had dupes almost roasted alive with less morale loss than that. On top of that there is already a specific debuff for allegies called "Allergic Reaction". I'm not sure why "The Spores" needs to be added to that.
  3. Since QoL 3 I've started 4 new games and weirdly enough in every game one, and only one, of my dupes gets something called "The Spores". There is no ingame help for "The Spores" and I can't find a single thing online. It may be what people are calling "zombie spores" BUT I am getting it as early as cycle 3 and I'm nowhere near an oil biome and I haven't seen a "sporechid". The symtoms of "The Spores" is that the affected dupe quickly goes to stress 100% and starts binge eating (I think they do that even if that isn't their normal stress reaction but I'm not certain - my current victim is Ugly Crying). I lost a base on turn 4 because an affected dupe ate all the nutrient bars in a single cycle. I'm playing on survival, I've tried changing the world seed manually but it still happens. I haven't been able to cure it yet because (I assume) I need a disease curing pod, a level 3 carer and tungsten. It's such a major impact and happens so frequently I'm amazed it's so common yet so hard to find out what it is.
  4. Looking for modding partner

    Is neutronium the stuff under geyers? I thought the whole point of neutronium was to be unmineable?
  5. I unwisely built a ladder next to a copper volcano and dupes collecting the copper or just passing through were being incapacitated by heat stroke/scalding by the 200degC heat. The problem was the incapacitated dupes were in mortal danger (the air was both scalding and unbreathable) yet dupes would regularly run right past the incapacitated dupe to do pointless errands like collecting rotten pincha nuts. This led to a chain-reaction where 4 dupes died in quick succession because they were milling around the volcano doing low-priority tasks until they succumbed to heat while dupes right next to them were already dying and needed urgent rescue. What should have happened is getting the dying dupes to a medbed (or at very least to a habitable area) should have been the top errand for all nearby dupes. The game knew they were dying because they had the 'dying' status so the issue seems to be that rescuing incapacitated/dying dupes isn't prioritized above other tasks. The fix here would be to make rescues a special type of errand that always overrides other dupe/colony priorities. There were also other issues around this such as dupes who were already wounded trying to do the pickup. Since they were both wounded AND slow (-9 athletic) they would only get a meter up the ladder with the incapacitated dupe before becoming incapacitated themselves. There were plenty of healthy dupes nearby who should have done the pickup errand. Since we're on the subject it would also be nice if the concept of rescues extended to helping stuck dupes by completing dig and build errands that would allow the dupe to get unstuck. I guess you would have to define "stuck" in technical terms so that might be something like checking if the dupe can reach the portal or their cot and if not checking whether the completion of dig/build tasks near the dupe would create a viable return path. This is a pretty complex problem to solve though so I'm more interested in the rescue behavior for wounded dupes.
  6. A dupe was incapacitated by heat stroke near a copper volcano. Another dupe came to carry him to a medbed but after retrieving him got stuck at the top of a ladder near the pickup location. I looked at the dupes pathing line and it was going all over the place. The game displayed a "You need to restart game" message. Some possible factors may be: The only paths to the medbed were via a manual airlock that I was changing the rules on. It's possible the dupe being carried was denied passage through the door even though being carried. The dupe doing the pickup hadn't travelled far with the body and was also at risk of incapacitation due to heatstroke from the volcano, it's possible the dupe doing the carry was also incapacitated (though normally they just drop the body) I had declared an emergency priority on the medbed (so there was a state of emergency in progress) I had changed the assigned user of the medbed