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HELP! ONI now crashes along with my whole computer

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I am not sure where to post this. Here we go.

Ever since the MKII Quality of Life upgrade every few cycles, my game crashes, and makes my computer lag so badly I have to force shut down the whole thing. 
It starts with a freeze and a sound glitch, then the sound keeps going and works breefly for a tiny window of 1-2 seconds before freeze again and repeats. At this point I have to force close ONI, (sometimes I can't even make the computer respond at all). If I manage to close ONI windows starts to lag so badly it is almost unresponsive. Then I have no option but to force shut down the computer.

This never happened before, as I have played over 200 hours, most before the Space upgrade. Now that I wanted to come back I can't play. This is what I have tried:

- Update and check all my drivers
- Validade system files for Oxygen Not Included
- Uninstall and reinstall Oxygen Not included. 
- Play old saves and create new games altogether.
- I can play normally any other games with heavier requeriments (Civ6, No Man's Sky, Metro 2033)

Does anyone had a similar problem?

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