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Buildings shouldn't store liquids strangely when output pipe is broken.

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When the output pipe to a building is broken, the building starts building up either the input or output materials in a strange way that requires unintuitive solutions to deal with.

There are two major examples I am thinking of where this occurs and they hurt my colony in odd ways:

Metal Refinery:  I accidentally ordered steel in my water-based refinery instead of my crude oil metal refinery, which promptly broke the output pipe.  However, rather than the metal refinery either pumping out steam or just stopping due to lack of pipe, it kept running and storing the extremely hot water in the refinery until it became extremely time consuming to deal with.  Fortunately, I caught it fairly quickly.  After about 10 cycles, I managed to cool the water from around 140 C to 99 C and drained it out, but it was through rather unintuitive methods, like running the refinery with cold water and a lower specific heat capacity metal.

Thermoregulator:  I was cooling a gas (can't remember which one), when I cooled it too much.  It became liquid and broke the pipe, so it started filling up the thermoregulator.  This was awkward because I was feeding packets of 1000 g in to it, so the stockpile never went away on its own, so I had to put in a valve to limit the incoming gas to slowly seep the gas out because the stockpile was making the regulator had to use.

I'm sure there are other machines that have this issue.  This can be used as an exploit for infinite storage of liquids or gases.

I don't think buildings with broken output pipes should stockpile the outputs

I think this behavior should be replaced with one of two alternatives:

  1. The building should stop working, perhaps with a "Missing output pipe" warning.
  2. The building should just dump the output in to the ground as it did when the pipe was in the process of breaking.

I think either one of these would be better than what we have right now, which is unintuitive and can lead to serious problems in metal refineries, especially

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