Allow playing on "online" worlds even when offline and allow offline worlds to be switched to online mode then other players can join

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I absolutely hate it when I get locked out of my own world when my internet acts up or steam goes offline and I don't have connection for a while! I also hate it when I make a world which is offline and then can't switch it to online to allow friends to join said world!

I'm guessing this is all because of skins... I suggest that if the world is "server mode" is changed from what it was by default then whoever plays on the server doesn't get skins from playing on it!

It would make the game much less annoying for me as I am frequently getting locked out of my own worlds, essentially being blocked from playing a game I own because I have no internet connection or steam is offline..

It's horrible having a day 500+ world then being blocked from playing it.. I hope Klei will fix this soon.

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