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Steam Turbine With Gas Pump (1/5 port open, but can you do 5 open?)

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I think it's straight forward enough.

Some info about this system in spoiler


- hot H2 is the simulated heat source

- It's power surplus if only running 1 open port as a lot of people in this forum have known

- adding more pump won't increase the energy bill

- the amo sensor at top is to make sure pumps only run at high pressure (>1.5 kg)

- below part pressure is below 20 kg to prevent over pressure. (I simply add water = number of tiles x 20kg/tile, so 23 empty space needs 460kg water to start with)

- no external power needed to initiate the system. Only need heat input

And if I stack 1 more then...



- petroleum below the first spinning fan of turbines act as heat source.

- petroleum at gas vents are used to prevent vents' overpressure.

- ignore the gas pipe damage pls lmao

Question: are the followings true?

- if you stack 5 (of them side by side possibly) with 1 port open, you get 5 times as much power

- if you stack 5 with 5 ports open, all of them will run only 1/5 of the time, producing as much energy as 1 turbine with 5 ports open running 100% uptime, which is also the same as 1 turbine with 1 port open running 100% uptime. So does it mean all the effort for nothing?

- there is a way to make 5 turbine working 100% uptime together with 30 pumps instead of 150 pumps (since each one turbine usually require 30 pumps) given enough heat source.

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