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Implement Cross-DLC Crafting

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The idea is simple: if your world is compatible with a DLC, you should be able to craft items from that DLC regardless of what world (RoG, SW, Ham) you're currently in, as long as you have the materials to craft it on hand. It's simply plain annoying to have to hop over to SW to craft something only to bring it back to RoG (which is a straight up detriment to Woodlegs, as you can only craft his Lucky Hat, one of his main mechanics, in SW). Not to mention that, regarding Hamlet, it's plain weird that the Oddities Emporium sells resources such as Bamboo, despite the fact that in Hamlet you can't refine Cloth, even though Cloth is literally present in the game.

Not only would this be a pretty sweet quality-of-life change, but if implemented across the board, Don't Starve's endgame would be absolutely insane, dare I say near limitless. Imagine being able to build a Hamlet city in SW, or introduce primitive Pigs into Hamlet.

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