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Hey guys. I just started playing DST a few weeks ago and I'm loving it enough that I got the Magmatic Bundle already. I just thought I should raise a couple of concerns for people like me with pretty weak computers.

Two question-suggestions, keeping in mind that using the console is out of the equation.

My computer lags when I add caves, and this is especially noticeable when I'm with friends. As such, I don't have some very nice stuff like light flowers, [many] gears, and rabbit hutches. I search for mods to get by without caves (like the Light Flowers Above Ground, and Craftable Gears mod combo-ed with the Multi Rocks mod), but obviously as a beginner, going vanilla as much as possible is the way. While going to pub servers solve this caves problem, I also found out that we do have a fair number of (1) no-password, no-description, public server creators who kick unwanted players the moment they're in, and (2) players who hate on beginners like me for doing something off, but not stupid (like lighting bases and structures). From my location, there's only 1-2 pub servers that are < 100ms, one of them would always be an official Klei server. I'm wondering if there's a way to tweak world generation to add cave stuff above ground, no matter how weird it sounds.

Another issue is I wish there's a more "natural" way of adding an option to generate more chess set pieces to naturally add more gears. If you need an example, I've generated a world where the best we could find are 2 gears (1 knight). Normally, it would be 3 gears, 1 ice box and 1 fling-o. We try to get by with that. We've also tried using the "More" and "Lots" options for Chess pieces and MacTusk camps. As you can imagine, we ended on a bloody note as soon as Winter came. Apparently, "More" in world generation actually means litter the world with that stuff, and "Lots" means make them rain. It would really help to have additional options aside from "More" and "Lots", like, say, chess pieces respawning from their set pieces after x days, or even a more nuanced set of options where "More" actually means just a few more, enough for a few players, and "Lots" being the real dropping everything everywhere.


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