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  1. [Game Update] - 321393

    I would pretty much like to raise this concern regarding the Materials Overlay funking build errands up
  2. Please consider for hotfix (additional behavior documented below) This also has a very annoying consequence for duplicant errand resolution. They don't perform the build errand until the dig errands have been separately made (unlike when dupes automatically clearing tiles for build errands). A workaround is to cancel the build errands and queue them again.
  3. The outlines of a build errand suddenly disappears but it still exists when the tiles have been dug up. This is true even for partially exposed build errands. This bug makes the Materials overlay practically unusable.
  4. The queued farm tiles were not being built by dupes despite me waiting for a 2-3 cycles to verify that it's not just waiting for a long queue. The priority overlay doesn't show any priority numbers for these five tiles. The dupes only worked on removing the dirt tiles and didn't bother creating the farm tiles. I queued some 5 farm tiles in the middle of my existing farm tiles and the default grey tiles. It looks like this: - - - - - _ _ _ _ _ - - - - - I had to cancel these 5 files first. I then swept the dirt balls/piles on the 5 spaces. I queued the farm tiles again and they started work on it. I tried looking for my save file, and it turns out there's a mismatch with your instructions here. The `Klei` folder doesn't exist inside `~/Library/Application Support`. What does exist is a folder, which has the save, that I believe is your application bundle identifier (`unity.Klei.Oxygen Not Included`).