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Rabid Betles are a big problem.

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Klei i just wanted to give you some tips to glowflies turning into beetles just make them spawn less because if every year of hamlet 60 groups of 7/8 glowflies in world turns into small little runing mobs that run faster than any base game character without buffs and hit not for 1 hp but 10 and can stun lock its just bad.

Dont get me wrong i can undestand the idea but they are to many ,in my 200 world i cannot get to 1 island because if i get out of ruins which lead me to the island my fps rate drop to 5 and my character is stuck in 1 place for 5 seconds and all beetles which there are like 5000 of them just smashing me in 1 second.

My tip is to make a max ammount of beetles on world like 300 for example ,First this prevent them from overtaking your world because i want to remind that they attack other mobs also. Secondly this give our game chance to not lose 5000 fps if they are near and just make game overall less frustrating AND NO Bug B'gone does not help because as i sad 15 times there are to many of this little bugs overall.

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