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Creating Custom Wormholes

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Suppose you have two locations in your world, one point being your base and the other being a point of interest (let's say Oasis for this case). Your world gen is not the best in terms of wormhole and cave entrance placements, meaning the best way for you to get to and from your Base and the Oasis is to walk. Now who wants to walk, right?

Well, with two players coordinating together, you can create your very own custom wormhole!

All you need are two Telelocator Foci, a Telelocator Staff, a few Purple Gems, and a Lightning Rod (to prevent the lightning from burning something down). Having a Lazy Deserter at the other end let's you bring your friends to the other side! Just make sure that the Telelocator Focus at Base is activated before you bring them though.

Have only the Oasis Focus activated for when you want to teleport yourself there. Use the Telelocator Staff on yourself to teleport to the Oasis base, and while you're there, have your friend activate the Focus at base. Use the Lazy Desert to teleport your friend to the Oasis. Once you're done with your Oasis shenanigans, use the Telelocator staff to teleport yourself back to Base. Once you're on the other side, have your friend activate the Telelocator Focus at the Oasis and bring him back to base with the Lazy Deserter once they're done. 

Keep this rotation going and you've got your own custom wormhole! Do keep in mind that when multiple Telelocator Foci are activated, it transports the entity to the closest Foci, NOT the one that was last activated, so I recommend just using two Foci when doing this. I also made this video (in the spoiler) as its easier to show this in action than it is for me to explain it.



Now if you play solo like me, it'll only be a one way trip, meaning you can only use to get to a location, but not back to it. For that reason, I recommend just setting up the Telelocator Focus activated at your base, since that's when you want to be most times. (It's also probably one of the most common, yet very rarely used methods with the Focus quite honestly). You'd still have to walk to the Oasis, but guess what, you don't have to walk back. What joy!

I'm essentially drowning in Purple Gems, so I will be using this a lot in the future and I'm quite glad that I thought of this.

Thanks for reading!

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