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Where is log-average?

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How does thermal conductivity work?

Klei once change it to log-average. but based on the test I did just now, it's same as before.

  • Between Cell/Cell transfers, heat flux is proportional to the lower thermal conductivity.
  • Between Cell/Building transfers, heat flux is proportional to thermal conductivity A * thermal conductivity B * total heat capacity of hotter side.

The test is simple so you can design and repeat the test by yourselves.



My game version is Q2 309354.


What you should know before tests

THC (total heat capacity of) of building has a factor 0.2 (temperature_modification_mass_scale = 0.2f)

  • BTW, though tiles have the factor 0.2 in code, it doesn't work. Because tiles are regarded as cell instead of building.

The THC of tempshift is further divided into nine equal parts.


Heat flux has a cutoff region, linear region and a saturation region. Make sure your test is in the linear region.


  • Heat transfer between   igneous rock insulated tile  and  1840 kg magma  is in the cutoff region
  • In Cell/Cell transfers, " More clamping occurs to prevent temperatures from changing by more than |T2 - T1| / 4   "                 <------- That is the saturation region


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