"cheesing" the ancient guardian

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me and another player had a world, where we had survived almost a full year, we had reached summer, and decided to go down into the caves, and explore the ruins. we had a lot of food, he was Wolfgang, I was wicker, and we found the ruins. we slowly make our way into the ancient ruins, and kills a lot of clockworks. I then get this fantastic idea: lets find the ancient guardian.

we then craft a thulecite medallion, and quickly finds the maze.

after having found the ancient guardian, we decide we wants to "cheese" it, by getting it stuck on a pillar or grave.

we find some graves, but they're too far away, and the 3 pillars we found didnt work.

we decide to retreat, and come back with better gear, because we couldn't "cheese" it.

"wait, what about that pillar"

my teammate looks at the pillar I'm talking about: near the edge, but close enough that we can get through the space between it and the edge, but the ancient guardian seem to be too big to get through. perfect. we then lure the guardian to the pillar, and it gets stuck.


we then hit it, but get hit ourself

our health decreases, and our armor's durability is low.

"well, we'll leave, and then we'll come back with more healing stuff and kill it"

we try to go out the other way.


it turns out that we can't, we are trapped.


and that was our trip into the ruins. we committed suicide by letting the ancient guardian kill us.

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