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New Shops in Hamlet (carpenter)

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M_Reo_R    10

In hamlet there should be a store that sells refined goods. The shop keeper should be the carpenter. He would sell only four items which would be cut stone, planks, rope, and even wood although that is not refined. The catch about this store is that the items wouldn’t change daily but the prices at which they’re sold would. Basically depending on the day, you would get a certain sale such as 5 logs for 5 oincs. The sales could be good such as 1 board for 3 oincs or bad such as 1 rope for 5 oincs. This would add variety to the sales and encourage daily visits for the best deals. Additionally, the shop would give hamlet players easier access to much needed cut stone and planks which is necessary for the expensive roads for building the city.

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