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  1. Alright, I have uploaded my worlds along with the bug report. However, when I positioned myself near a drying rack and harvested it to see if the bug was still there my game crashed immediately. I appreciate the quick feedback and I hope you can solve my issue. Thank you
  2. In my hamlet world when I play in RoG I went to the eye plants to get rid of the hounds and every time one locked onto an eye plant the game immediately froze. The game did not crash as seen with mods. It kept running until I left the game. I kept logging in and out until all the hounds were finally rid of. Even upon them being gone the game crashed once a vulture locked onto the lure plant. I was finally able to destroy the lure plant, but it seems they are really bugged in RoG when playing with Hamlet compatibility. Am I alone on this? Update: It appears my world is falling apart at the seams. I am now unable to harvest drying racks. The mods I had installed include geometric placement, minimap, and combined states. Even when these mods are turned off I cannot harvest a drying rack, but I can collect items such as crock pot dishes which is confusing. Regardless, whatever the eye plants did to my world it seems to have had repercussions beyond their existence.
  3. In hamlet there should be a store that sells refined goods. The shop keeper should be the carpenter. He would sell only four items which would be cut stone, planks, rope, and even wood although that is not refined. The catch about this store is that the items wouldn’t change daily but the prices at which they’re sold would. Basically depending on the day, you would get a certain sale such as 5 logs for 5 oincs. The sales could be good such as 1 board for 3 oincs or bad such as 1 rope for 5 oincs. This would add variety to the sales and encourage daily visits for the best deals. Additionally, the shop would give hamlet players easier access to much needed cut stone and planks which is necessary for the expensive roads for building the city.