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  1. My beefalo's face has become default from the original fighter face after I updated it's cosmetics in the beefalo dress up station. It's face changes to the default face whenever I get off of it and changes back to the fighter face when I ride it. Even after I removed all the cosmetics, it's face stays at the default
  2. maybe its the two mask checkpoints messing things up? Dupes pass one arrow but then get stuck at the second not knowing what to do? Just a guess.
  3. Yes! This same thing happened to me with lead suits in the atmo suit doc! I thought I was just loosing suits for no reason. Thank you! At least now I know where they are
  4. Problem: The radbolt generator resets the number of stored radbolts every time it loses power. Why it's a problem This is very frustrating because setting up a stable form of power in the early game is difficult and I'm basically just wasting energy as I'll gather 20 or 30 bolts and then my power will shut off - for typical early game reasons - and then all my radbolts are gone.
  5. This update is very good. I really enjoy finding the proper nutrient balances of crops in order to grow huge variants. This farming system is way more rewarding, interesting, and just more fitting for Dont Starve altogether. Klei's done it again :)